Quirky Cottage Crafts

Bags, cushions, soft toys, fashion jewellery


Individual and creative fashions

Using up-cycled and re-purposed fabrics and accents everything is unique and the only one of it's kind. Custom bespoke creations can be made specially for customers. Magick can be performed and wishes fulfilled ...

About Quirky Cottage Crafts


Everything I make and mend is done frugally. Hems shortened on jackets, dresses and curtains often provide lengths of lovely fabric which I save and keep in my stash. Skills and techniques such as patchwork and applique give me the chance to incorporate these 'treasures' in my projects. Old clothes and furnishings can be carefully unpicked and often quite large pieces harvested from them by cutting away worn out areas, laundering and ironing the fabric... even dry clean only which may shrink or crease but still be re-usable... Real wool woven and knitted garments can be boil washed and felted making a lovely base for toys and bags.



Hand crafted with care

and attention to detail


First steps in creating a tree of life appliqued cushion cover